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North Palm Beach Asphalt Paving

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South Florida Paving Company can help make your area more presentable and durable with asphalt paving that is built to survive any condition, regardless of the type of property you have. We are a North Palm Beach asphalt paving company that meets the industry standards, is certified by experts, and has satisfied numerous property owners.

Our team offers a wide range of asphalt services, from simple repairs to even more complex projects like repaving and new asphalt installation. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to all our clients as we customize every paving project. Our comprehensive services are not only meticulously done but also reasonably priced. 

We are equipped to handle all of your pavement needs, whether for your new business sites or residential buildings. Our professional assistance throughout the process, starting with a little change to improving an established pavement structure or even if you just need a new asphalt layer added.

Call South Florida Paving Company at (561) 320-0923 for your Free Consultation with a North Palm Beach Asphalt Paving expert!

Benefits of Asphalt Paving

Asphalt pavements have multiple benefits over conventional pavement surfaces. It’s no wonder that asphalt is used to surface nearly all of America’s roads. Aside from proven attractiveness and durability, asphalt pavements also give other specific benefits for you. These include:


The dark color of asphalt decreases glare and melts ice and snow faster than all the other types of cement. It has high abrasion resistance and excellent color contrast for both the asphalt pavement and road markers, providing drivers with proper road visibility in every type of weather. 


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Our asphalt pavers offer an even more level surface than other pavements. Roads with smooth surfaces are safer than rough, uneven surfaces to reduce drowsiness and lack of control from the driver. Since smooth asphalt roads reduce friction between tires and pavement, it gives better fuel economy and lowers CO2 emissions. Smooth roads provide better contact with vehicle tires, resulting in a safer and more pleasant road trip.


Vehicle damage is reduced as a result of lesser bumps in the road, lowering vehicle expenditures. Asphalt roads can be constructed faster and more cost-effectively than other pavements, and they can be developed to require only routine inspections to maintain good condition permanently.

Traveler- and business-friendly

Our projects are frequently completed in a single short day or overnight, leaving routes ready for travelers and business operations. Asphalt pavers do not involve long hardening times or massive site clearance, so traffic can begin immediately as the rollers are removed. They can be paved one lane at a time, not causing significant delays to citizens and reducing traffic congestion across fast-track construction processes.

Environmentally friendly

Asphalt is completely recyclable and is the most recycled product in the country. Every year, the asphalt industry reuses and recycles 100 million tons of asphalt pavement. Asphalt is also less energy-intensive to generate and build than other pavement materials. 

Talk to our North Palm Beach asphalt paving experts if you have further questions needed to be addressed. We can also talk about the uniqueness of your area that may need more modifications and adjustments.

Complete Selection of Asphalt Pavement

North Palm Beach Asphalt Paving istockphoto 184109077 612x612 1 300x200To better visualize and know the different services and products that we can prepare for you, South Florida Paving Company can give you an overview of the diverse types of asphalt pavement available on the market. Our North Palm Beach asphalt paving team will guide you as you choose which is best for your property.

Porous Asphalt 

If you plan to pave your parking lots, this type of asphalt is for you. It is used to allow water to drain through the pavement. This pavement solution is inexpensive and has a lifespan of more than two decades.

Perpetual Pavement 

Asphalt and the multi-layer pavers conceptual design are used to create perpetual pavement, which is hardwearing. The installation of perpetual pavement is neither time-consuming nor disruptive to traffic.

Quiet Pavement 

It has been proven that changing the pavement of a noisy road with stone-matrix asphalt or open-graded friction course mix reduces road noise. Asphalt road paving greatly decreases noise in and out of residential and commercial buildings. 

Warm-Mix Asphalt 

Warm-mix asphalt is manufactured similarly to hot-mix asphalt (with little variation). There are a few advantages to lowering the temperature of the asphalt. The process includes reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Thin Overlays 

Thin overlays enhance ride quality while lowering pavement damage, excessive noise, and life-cycle expenses. It is made from warm-mix asphalt and recycled materials.

For more information regarding the most suitable asphalt paver for your place, our team can visit and examine the site to give you an appropriate suggestion.

Professional North Palm Beach Asphalt Paving Company

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South Florida Paving Company is a full-service asphalt paving company dedicated to providing excellent quality of work, competence, and customer service. We provide smart paving solutions to protect your investment and significantly improve the appearance of your property, all with the help of our certified paving installers and top-quality equipment. 

We can handle different projects, from small residential jobs to large-scale commercial and government development projects. We aim to surpass our clients’ expectations by providing exceptional commitment, consistency, and service. Starting from your free consultation to site visitations, design approvals, and the installation itself, our team will ensure a flawless, cost-effective, and time-saving process.

Our skilled professionals will provide you with a free estimate, with no hidden charges or add-on fees in our transparent pricing. When you’re satisfied with your chosen services and payment plan, we can begin with the project right away.

Aside from our reliable experience in asphalt paving, we can also help clients with all aspects of site establishment and improvement, such as the following:

  1. Pavers
  2. Decks
  3. Pool Coping
  4. Travertine
  5. Outdoor Kitchens
  6. Driveways
  7. Sidewalks
  8. Flagstone
  9. Granite
  10. Slate
  11. Marble
  12. Limestone
  13. Design
  14. Patios
  15. Poolscapes
  16. Walkways
  17. Stoops & Steps
  18. Hardscape Design
  19. Veneers
  20. Custom Brick-work

Like all other paving projects, permits from local municipalities should be acquired beforehand. Rest assured that our team will handle that, too.

Let’s Talk – Free Consultation

As the leading North Palm Beach asphalt paving contractor, trust that your paving projects will be in good hands with South Florida Paving Company. Our several years in the pavers industry have blessed our team with the necessary expertise and cutting-edge machinery to complete your asphalt paving project on schedule and within budget.

If you’re ready to get started on your project, our team is more than excited to assist you in the safest and smoothest asphalt paving installation!

Call South Florida Paving Company at (561) 320-0923 for your Free Consultation with a North Palm Beach Asphalt Paving expert!